North End Faithful

We Are Faithful! We Are Sounders!


2016 NEF annual membership includes:

  • A 2016 membership…
  • VIP access to allocated supporter group tickets and NEF group tickets
  • 2016 NEF “Winter” Scarf


  • Membership dues are $20
  • Payment is cash or check only
  • Memberships are per-person and non-transferable
  • Dues are paid annually
  • Renewal is yearly

Note: You can mail in membership dues to North End Faithful and pick up your scarf at a home match later this season.  NEF, PO BOX 70356, Seattle, WA 98127  {If you want your scarf mailed please add $5.80 for flat rate shipping and include your mailing address with your payment.}

North End Faithful is now on Instagram:  NEFaithful Instagram

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